Find out why the USA Military, NFL Teams and Personal Trainers from around the globe prefer our Resistance Bands over everything else!

The bottom line: it costs us more to make our bands, but that’s why they Outlast and Outperform All Other Resistance Bands on the market, period!

Let's start with this first. This was a HUGE game changer for elastic tubes back in 2011. Firstly, regardless of the quality of the tubes (ours are excellent) all elastic tubes can snap. It happens because the user unknowing over-stretches the band. To minimize this we came up with our patented inner cord “Safety Net” system, to prevent over-stretching.

This patented clip design enables you to add or subtract resistance (bands) for a more effective workout. Our current systems incorporate oversized zinc coated iron clips for the highest level of convenience and durability. 

The Door anchor is a product of years of testing and improvements. It is designed to be safe for your door, safe for your bands, and safe for you!