FAQ Lists Selected From Our Customers

Q1 : Are the shaver blades sharp enough?

A1 : Yes. The blade part is sharp. I can use them to shave my head. They can do a good job for the price.

Q2 : Can this shaver be used in the shower?

A2 : Yes, the whole body of the devices are waterproof, it can be used in the shower, and will bring better shaving experience if you shaving with foam and gel.

Q3 : Does this shaver make your head smooth with no stubble?

A3 : Yes, you can use the trimmer to shave your head first, and then use the 5-blades shaver to shave head just like shaving beard, at the last, you will get a smooth and no stubble head.

Q4 : Can I use this shaver grooming set for my chest and back?

A4 : Yes, It has a trimmer attachment.

Q5 : Can you trim the top of the head without shaving it bald?

A5 : Yes, it comes with 3 combs for the trimmer, 3mm, 5mm, 7mm.

Q6 : How is this razor charged?
A6: It comes with a USB charging cord.