Q1: Can I easily disassemble and reassemble this ab roller for travel?
A1: Our Abdominal wheel takes up little space and is easy to install and remove. It's portable.

Q2: Will this help improve poor posture?
A2: Yes, it can.

Q3: Which muscle does this target exactly?
A3: Your core (abs) and shoulders 

Q4: Is it suitable for beginners?
A4: Yes and the resistance bands help. This works your abs. You will feel it the next day! 

Q5: Will this product help men that need to lose weight?
A5: Sure it will, as a part of a program of diet and exercise. 

Q6: Which age people are perfectly using your product?
A6: This is suitable for people of all ages 

Q7: How much weight can this handle withstand?
A7: The Ab Roller Wheel Exercise Equipment can withstand a maximum weight of 300KG

Q8: Is this better than sit-ups? Why or why not?
A8: Sit up is only for stomach and back exercise. The ab roller helps the shoulders, chest, arms, abs and the back.